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New Album Fundraising Campaign on indiegogo needs your support and love

I am jumping off the diving board! I love this album project and creative team with Jon Day and Steven Eisenberg. It takes a tribe!


To my families, friends and supporters...thank you to those who have already contributed to this campaign and thanks in advance to those of you considering supporting, sharing and believing! Let's do this!! So grateful for your help!


“Please check out the link below and if you can, support this ambitious and exciting project from Shari Chaskin.  This is an artist with an incredible gift for deeply soulful music that gives you goosebumps when you hear her.  The music coming together is very beautiful and deserves to be recorded right and to reach a large audience. 


Every little bit helps, as all of my fellow artists know.  Please do what you can and see below for more details”

Scott Morin 


Click here for all album details with music, marketing plan, creative team and perks. We welcome contributions and sponsors as well.



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